BinaDroid 2 – A New Scam in Binary Options?

BinaDroid 2 – A New Scam in Binary Options?

BinaDroid 2 Software, Robot and Signal Software System is being launched with interesting reviews. Is BinaDroid 2 just another scam or is it a legit software? Our full and impartial review will reveal. Like catching pokemons? Catch Binadroid2.


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Review of the BinaDroid 2 Software – Scam or No Scam?

Binadroid 2 is a combination of signal software together with an automated option. This is an improved interface on the original Binadroid 1 which was launched successfully some months ago. Whereas the original software was simply structured to work in semi-automated mode, this new software is far more sophisticated.

BinaDroid2 review will analyze whether this new software is supported with reputable brokers, whether it operates with good algorithms, and whether it will be giving the results it claims. This scam review will reveal whether BinaDroid 2 is a safe system and whether your investment is safe using this software.

Troy Everett and the BinaDroid 2 Software

Troy Everett is the CEO and developer of both the original BinaDroid as well as the new improved software which is simply termed Binadroid 2. He claims that whilst the critical components of the original Binadroid have been preserved, the new software should give traders a far more satisfactory trading experience.

Troy Everett comes from the financial world. He himself had been employed in the capital markets for 15 years, and as part of his job as a loyal employee he wrote a software which was essentially Binadroid for his company. At some point Everett was double crossed and the owners of the Company, were leaking his software to other competitors, and breaching their agreement.

Since Troy Everett was the person who wrote the algorithms for the software, he decided to leave his job, and use his creation for his own purposes.


BinaDroid 2 Scam Review Details –Is the New Version of Binadroid Secure?

A natural question would be, why develop a new version of Binadroid? This impartial review shows, after days of trying the new platform and seeing its performance, that the software is indeed designed for an overall better experience in binary options trading.

Troy Everett explains that in searching for excellence, even a minimal percentage improvement on the previous software could well end up giving a better financial gain.

As we know, pay-outs in Binary options trading are around 75%, this means that any trader will require a minimum of 65% win rate to start seeing any profits on his account. In this case if the 80% win rate is taken up a notch, and delivers 85%, then automatically, we are looking at an increase in real profit terms on our investment.


How does BinaDroid 2 Software work?

This review also details how the algorithms for BinaDroid 2 work. The software as the previous one is based on Android Technology. Basically it captures data legitimately from Android smart phone users and pulls critical mass in huge volumes.

The initial part of the algorithms explores market sentiment. The latter part of the software tracks the signals which are generated from the first part of the algorithms.

By doing this, the Binadroid 2 software is exploring what is being favored through Social Media and translates this to market sentiment. This sentiment is in turn translated to signals which are now the crucial part of the Binadroid 2 platform.

What are the Essential Differences between Binadroid 1 and Binadroid 2

Binadroid 1 was quite a simple software aimed exclusively at newbies or new traders. It was semi-automated and therefore the trades had to be taken manually based on signal strength and risk apetite.

Binadroid 2 is both a fully automatic robot which will take trades on behalf of the subscriber, again based on his Risk Choice – but also a signal software. The signals are more interesting that those on most common platforms. They clearly show off a Trend Start-Off and and a Trend Ending.

Manual trades should be taken within the parameters of the trend time. Signals are given 5 at a time and the recommended trading hours are between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm GMT Time. If you are not sure what time zone you are in, then you can check this out HERE.

Newly added features for Binadroid 2 Software

The newly added Reverse Button Feature of Binadroid 2 is quite a unique feature. By taking the Reverse signal feature, a trader will expect to have the exact opposite direction of the signals that the software is suggesting. Why would a trader use the Reverse Signal Feature?

Basically this has been added as a protection to the binary options trader. If a trader claims that Binadroid 2 is scam, and that he is not winning enough trades, he can simply switch on the reverse button, and the software will negatively mirror the trend.

This feature also performs well, when there is high impact news. A seasoned trader can choose this critical time when the market is very volatile and instead of taking the signals, which cannot recognize this volatility and use them in the opposite direction. It is not recommended to use for new traders who do not understand spikes in volatility, but it is an excellent tools for professional traders who can read charts.


Another newly added feature for the BinaDroid 2 software is the Economic Calendar. Time and again we have emphasized on the importance of checking the Economic Calendar and news announcements, prior to initiating trading. Many traders who do not heed this advice end up losing money and then called software systems such as Binadroid 2 scam.

Basically the Economic Calendar will list out all the important news events which affect the currency and asset markets. The expected results are always quoted, but what happens with the actual results is far more interesting, and creates movements in the market. In an interesting article by the BinaryOptionSheriff, the Economic Calendar is explained in detail. How to use the Economic Calendar is crucial to every trader. New binary options traders are strongly advised to switch off their BinaDroid2 App during highly volatile times with high impact news.

Are the Disadvantages to use Binadroid 2? Is BinaDroid 2 Legit?

There are actually only advantages to use the new improved version called Binadroid 2 software. The only downside is that current users for Binadroid cannot get an automatic update on the software. As such current users will have to register again with a binary options broker that is synched to the software in the geographical area.

It is also important to note that if a trader already has an account with a recommended broker, that he should immediately contact support for Binadroid 2, which are available 24/7 so that they can assist the trader with signing up.

The minimum deposit required to start trading with is $250. Binadroid 2 is not available worldwide. The reason for this is that Binadroid 2 system is collaborating only with legitimate binary options brokers and will not use any scam brokers. Areas like India, Pakistan and Africa and parts of Asia will therefore not be able to access this sophisticated software. Wherever the brokers are not regulated, it is impossible to offer protection to the trader. As such the developers for Binadroid 2 software have decided to exclude high risk countries.

Testimonials and Social Media – Binadroid 2 Review

There are no fake testimonials in the new Binadroid 2 landing page. There are no pressure tactics or false scarcity counters. Troy Everett advises that the software is available for free for a limited time. He expects users to file in a due diligence report after using the software for 3 – 6 months. After that time it is expected that the software will sell for around $2500.


Any subscriber who is interested in downloading the Binadroid 2 software, may proceed with his registration HERE.

Conclusion and Verdict on the BinaDroid 2 Software system.

BinaryOptionsPinkPanther is very selective in what it recommends as safe to use to its subscribers. However, the Binadroid2 software is safe for your capital.

BinaDroid 2 is Legit and is Not a Scam Software

Thank you for taking time to read this review. If you arrived at this page in the hope of making money online, then it is worth giving Binadroid 2 a chance. Remember that software systems are only tools to use in your binary options trading kit. They are not magical solutions to make your millionaires overnight. There is always a risk of losing your capital.

If you wish to learn trading and trade risk free, you can open a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT and practice safe trading.

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