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Copy Buffett Vs. Code Fibo – Who is the Winner? Review

Copy Buffett has been a high-performance software for almost one year now, and Code Fibo is like a little soldier marching wars! Both are exception software systems. Check out both reviews on Copy Buffett as well as Code Fibo on this site for more information about them.


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The question that many of our subscribers ask is simple! Which is the better software? Is Copy Buffett the best software systems for binary options? I have heard that traders are making money with Code Fibo – is that true? So which is the better software. Read this comparative review and find out more.

What is Copy Buffett and how successful is Code Fibo? Detailed Review

Copy Buffett App has now been used in the Binary Options trading market from the beginning of the year. CopyBuffett software was launched in February 2016. The software has been developed by Jeremy Fin. What is essentially important about the CopyBuffett signal software and automated trader, is that is based on strategies that have been formed from the trading style of Warren Buffett.

Have you ever come across a better performer with making money than Warren Buffett? Do you know who Warren Buffett is? Check him out on This is what the Copy Buffett system has been based on! Emulate the logic of Warren Buffett and you trade with Copy Buffett.

On the other hand. Have you ever come across the genius mathematician, who has revolutionized the world with his numerology? Meet Fibonacci! Check him out on

Ok!! So enough with the history and information. How are we going to make some money online trading binary options? Which software are we going to use in order to help us with successful trading?

Let us first consider WHO can participate – Which are the Countries Supported by Code Fibo and Copy Buffet?

CodeFibo and Copy Buffett are available mostly worldwide. Why do I say mostly? Mostly is because both these systems are working in partnership with LEGITIMATE BROKERS. Therefore, countries which are victims of scam, sadly are out of the equation. This includes Africa (but no South Africa), India and some areas in Asia.

Geo location including the highly scrutinized US, Canada, Europe and South America, can trade with both these software systems, but subscribers may find it a little bit more difficult to subscribe.

Everywhere else, where legitimate brokers are properly regulated, signing up with the software is as easy as ABC.


How Does the Software for CodeFibo and Copy Buffett work?

We have already established that the algorithms of both software systems, are sound and in order. You will not become an overnight millionaire by using any of these systems. You will make a strong regular income.

Auto Trading versus Manual Trading! Both Copy Buffett and Code Fibo software systems can be used either manually or automatically.

CopyBuffett App will announce a list of manual signals which consists of the Asset to be traded, the Strength and the direction of the trade (whether you should take a Put or a Call signal). Very importantly you are also given the time frame within which to execute the trade.

To activate the automated trading robot, all you need to do is to turn AutoTrading on. Remember to check out the volume of your trading value – in simple form, how much money you want to stake per trade, and you are good to go. Or almost!! You can also take a setting which regulates the risk/reward factor. Therefore, you can opt for low risk and the software will take little trades but which are high performing, or you can set higher risk, and the robot will take more trades. Remember the risk/reward is proportionate. The higher your risk level, the higher the chances of having some loosing trades. So go easy guys!

CodeFibo is probably much easier to execute! The platform is in a cool turquoise colour, and all the technical parts of it, are easy to grasp at first glance.

Choose between Manual or Auto Trading by hitting the autotrade button. Pick the value of each trade. Decide how rough you want to play, but checking out your risk and percentage performance. As with Copy Buffett we warn you to go easy. This is not a game! You are trading not gambling. So we advise you to be prudent with your stakes.

The advantage of Code-Fibo App is that you get regular charts, important news updates, and the time line all on the same screen. It is easy to use for any new trader. Familiarize yourself with a few minutes of experimenting with your platform before you go for the kill.

Simple Advice which applies to ALL automated software systems!

Check Your Economic Calendar on Forex Factory Ensure that there are no huge announcements which might impact your trading. If you are not sure how this works, you can always check this out on YouTube!

Final Conclusion and Verdict !

Our conclusion is very simple! Both Software systems work. But given a fancy choice, I would definitely go with Code Fibo. If on the other hand, you have a little bit more money to invest, then I would also get another edition of Copy Buffett!

You are probably thinking, why would I do that? Very simply, if you have the time and the money to learn, there is a lot to understand about both systems. You will find that at times, they will give you the same signal, and that is where you have the best confirmation of your trading!


One last word of Warning. Remember that binary options trading is NOT GAMBLING. A little bit of knowledge will go a very long way. So try to understand what you are doing when you are trading. If you are not sure, we are here to answer all your questions.

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