Crunch Tech App – Scam or Easy Money? Review

Is Captain Crunch Software Scam or is it Legit?

If you have been looking for an honest review “Whether Crunch-Tech software is Scam?” then you have arrived at the best site for an accurate review. Making a wise and calculated decision on where to deposit your cash, and not falling victim to scam services, is a very important and informed stand. Crunch Technologies is a system which can be trusted, and which has been tried and tested. Captain Crunch software is not scam, but it is a system that can turn into consistent profits.

Features of The Crunch Tech

The Crunch Tech software has unique features. It is not the standard scam which promises false hopes of making you a millionaire overnight. It does not boast success by presenting fake testimonials. It simply is a studied system with sensible algorithms, which reflect reality. Our team of analysts have tried and tested the automated trading and we have found that the results claimed by Crunch Tech App are reliable and that 80% success rate or in the money trading results, are perfectly plausible.


In order to understand better how the system works, we are presenting our Crunch Tech Review, and we will also focus on details why, Crunch Tech system is not scam.

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Standard Features for the Crunch Tech Review

In our review, we first analyse that the developers of this software system are qualified and very experienced in their field. Rick Paulson, is the co-founder for the site and he has worked for the acclaimed Planet IQ Company, where he became an algorithm specialist in upgrading systems. David Avery on the other hand, is a computer programmer, who designs software for trading systems. Avery, is a binary options tech specialist, and his formal training, is to develop systems which crawl the financial markets and find the right time to place trading. Together, they have developed the Crunch Tech software, which uses data related to weather developments, and which affect the prices of assets, and using this information to hedge in the future, and trade accordingly. This is a fully converged software system which makes it highly accurate, legitimate and absolutely not scam.

Is the Winning Rate of 80-85% using the Captain Crunch Theory App achievable?

Although, Crunch Tech claims 85% winning rate, our experience has shown, that we have been consistent with an 80% accuracy level. The system, which is integrated with weather prediction satellites, accurately generates Crunch Tech signals and makes winning trades. In terms of binary options trading, this translates into 8 wins and 2 losses. Therefore with a trade stake of $25 per trade, your net profit will be $100. This is calculated at a pay-out of 75% per winning trade and two 100% losses. Such innovative technology, is realistic. It is not making wild claims of financial freedom overnight. However it is anticipated that the Crunch Tech software will really revolutionize trading in the binary options industry.

Can you make money with The Captain Crunch software?

According to the claims of the developers for the Crunch Tech App, the software will make you $89 per hour and $4500 per week. Is this real? Actually yes. Based on the tried and tested trades we have taken, and the calculations as we explained above, if the software is used either with automated trading, or as a signal software system, and it takes 10 trades per hour, then yes, the software will make you this kind of profit. The interface for the Crunch Software is easy to use and very clear to understand.

Do Crunch Tech have Customer Support?

One way of quickly knowing whether a software auto system for binary options is scam or not, is by trying to send an enquiry to their support system. We were very pleased to receive support within twenty four hours, which is considered a reasonable time for support. We received very honest and direct replies to our questions. If you choose to deposit your capital with Crunch Tech System you are guaranteed to have assistance, should you encounter any problem with the software. They have an email address provided on their landing page, which is usually not available in scam software systems.

Can I make money with Crunch Technology App on Auto Pilot Mode?

Crunch Tech Software works on two systems.

A) As a fully automated trader.

B) As a signal software system.

If you are new to trading and have no idea how to trade manually on the signals, you can opt to choose your trading to be automated. This varies on your risk appetite, and you can choose to either take high, medium or low risk trades. The frequency of the trades taken by the software is tantamount to your risk level. When choosing auto trading, this review shows that the software will open and execute trades on your behalf, and you may do nothing else but supplement your income.

Watch the video with LIVE TRADING using signals from Crunch Tech App

What are other Reviewers saying about the Crunch Tech system?

The Binary Option Sheriff, which is a safe, conservation and reliable blogging service has very good words for the Crunch Tech software. They have verified the software with real trading and have confirmed that Crunch Tech Software is not scam.

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