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An Ultimate Review of Empire Option Broker

Empire Option is a trading platform that was launched last 2010. The processing is entirely conducted by the Brighton Digital Services. They are entirely web-based which means that they will not require any programs or apps to install. Empire option is an authorised business, but come of their banking requirements seems uncustomary. This may encourage the smaller Empire Option broker since they are discouraged in making a considerable amount of withdrawals.



Analysing the Account

The smallest type of account in Empire Option is referred to as Micro. This particular account will require the minimum balance worth $200 and can have as much as $500. Trading should at least be executed for about 20 times, and the withdrawal fee costs $30. Largest type of account available for the Empire Option broker is called VIP. It requires the minimum balance worth $30,000. It has only 5 trade requirement and no withdrawal fee.


Trading platform

One of the good things about this platform is that they are trying to revolutionise the trading of the binary options. They are generally based on Spot Option, but unlike the others who are also based on Spot Option, Empire option managed to preserve their brand. As of late, the Empire Option broker has implemented a lot of adjustment on their process. They have recently increased their value to the binary trader particularly those who are based in the United States. Another positive aspect of the Empire Option is their unparalleled ways on handling accounts. It has an existing progressive framework which rewards the traders when building balances on their account.

Brokers on Binary Options such as the Empire Options are quite similar since they are based on the same platform. But fortunately they managed to become independent. They are regulated and licensed company under the Commerce Code of Uruguay. So should you open an account with Empire Option Broker?


There is no doubt that new binary options are made available to the public almost every month. Some of them are operating with a shady business process. Most of the brokers who are operating in the Spot Option platform have a restricted control on their system. But fortunately, with Empire Option, they managed to stay independent. They are operating with their personal cashier and their banking system. Even their official website stands out from the rest of the binary options brokers.


Clearly, Empire Option is committed to becoming not just one of the binary options brokers, but they want to have their own identity; an identity that is unique and professional. Their website may lack some of the essential information, but obviously, they are making use of their entire potential to offer a comprehensive asset’s list available which makes the best trading experience.

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  1. I have been using this broker for a few weeks now and totally satisfactory. I have easily make withdrawals and very happy results

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