Epix Trader Scam Review

This Epix Trader Scam Review will investigate whether this software merits all the hype that is surrounding it.  Is Epix Trader really legit? Is this software the next best thing since the Soros Scalper?  All this and more will be unveiled in this fair and impartial review of the Epix Trader.  Let us get to the bottom of this once and for all. Is Epix Trader a Scam?

Epix Trader Scam Review

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Epix Trader Review

Much is being written about this new and innovative software called Epix Trader.  This software is touted be the best trading software for 2017.  The software is not an automated trading software.  This already clears it from preliminary scam investigations.  Today all “hands-free” systems have been abolished by CySec.  It is only standard scam brokers that support such trading robots.

Therefore it follows that Epix Trader has started off on the right foot in eliminating scam possibilities.  The software is said to work efficiently on both Binary Options as well as Forex platforms. Again, this is a very positive sign. The reason being that most rigged and scam software systems are specifically written by scam brokers.  The fact that this software works on both binary and forex, eliminates the possibility that the software has been written by a specific scam broker.

These are already very positive indications that the Epix Trader Software is not a scam.  However, this by itself is not enough. Therefore we will review Epix Trader in further depth.

You can also watch my You tube review about the Epix Trader


What Is The Epix Trader?

The Epix Trader is a trading tool which is based on the theories of scalping.  It has been designed as identified and inspired by the famous George Soros.  Scalping is a trading style which specializes in taking profits on short and fast trades.  The software has been wired in such a way that it identifies a trend when it forms and takes advantage of the initial movement of a trend to take quick profits.  With the Epix Trader, there is no question of sitting on a trader and watching your profits grow.  This could expose you to big losses.

On the contrary, the Epix Trader takes quick trades as soon a trend is identified.

A Trend is Your Friend Until the End

Epix Trader Review

The software has been designed by Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo.  The couple is in partnership both in business and in life. They are graduates in the Science of Finance and turned their competitive rivalry into a winning trading formula by teaming up their different expertise.  In a class which they were invited to host several years after their graduation, they both focused on the Soros “Alchemy of Finance”

We have also verified that Tina and Mark are not actors who get paid to promote scam systems. They are highly qualified in their field.  Tina D’Angelo is a top analyst in Forex Trading and Mark Evans is an expert in algorithms and software programming.  They are both professional traders and excellent in their field.  As a result of this teamwork, the Epix Trader a scam free software has evolved.

What sets the Epix Trader above any other software we have come across lately, is that it is reliable.  The signals provided are high-quality signals because they are based on market sentiment.  In fact, the software has been written on four very important trading strategies.

What is Epix Trader? How Does It Work?

The software has been written by trading professionals and it is envisaged to crawl the financial markets for optimum results.  Therefore, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the quality of the signals is nothing short of perfect.

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These are the four pillars of trading strategy on which the software has been built:

a. Research of current market sentiment.  Market sentiment is what sets trends and therefore is a very important influence.  Sentiment can move assets in completely different directions than regular technical analysis.

b. Identifying the Best Strike Rate. As with anything else, opting in at the best time and at the best price is crucial for taking profits in Forex, or ending ITM (in the money) in Binary options. The Epix trading software finds the best strike rate through support and resistance levels.

c. The system is embedded with a combination of filters and oscillators. It measures overbought or oversold market conditions. It measures the strength of the signals and market sentiment and translates them into an indicator.

d. The Epix Scalper also gives value to important news announcements. Any seasoned trader knows how a trend can reverse in seconds with the anticipation of important news announcements.  The software is overseen by the human element in this case and the settings are constantly modified to suit the market movements.

Epix Trading Software Targets Realistic Goal Achievements

The developers of this software set realistic targets for their win rate with the Epix Trader App. This is another indication that the software is not a scam.  There are no promises of unattainable success figures.  No claims that you will make millions or that this is a get quick rich scheme.

It is safe to say that real traders have been getting a maximum of 80% win rate with Epix Trader.  This is further confirmed by the Binary Options Sheriff in their update of the Epix Trader Review with Results.

Had the developers claimed that this software will give a 100% win-rate, we would not hesitate to say that Epix Trader is a scam.  However, this is not the case.  So much so, that Tina D’Angelo explains the risk of scalping and fast trading.  Everything is 100% above board.  At no point are we told that this is a “no risk software”.  Notwithstanding this, the proof is set by testimonials of real traders who are making profits with Epix Trader.  The good Epix Trader results speak for themselves.

Is The Software Free?

For the time being the Epix Trader is free.  However, this is expected to change very soon.  The software will carry a fee of $393 in the near future.  The reason for which the software is free at the moment is that the developers need multiple endorsements from traders.  The endorsements are necessary for the IPO launch to be announced in the very near future.

Hence the developers are offering “the early bird scheme”.  This means that if you act fast enough, you can download the software for free and have unlimited use of it.  Naturally, in just a few days, the software will have to be purchased at the cost of $393.  As such it pays traders to subscribe at their earliest opportunity.

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Is Epix Trader Only for Professional Traders?

This is a common question that we are frequently asked.  No, Epix Trader is not a software that is intended only for professional or skilled traders.  The software is simple to use and it also aimed at new traders, who may not understand much about trading in a nervous financial market.

What you need to remember, is that the software has been designed by professionals and therefore covers all aspects of trading.  However, the developers have been very conscious of the fact that many would like to trade in their free time and make money online trading.  As such the platform has been kept as simple as possible.

How To Download the Epix Trader software

Primarily you need to decide whether you want to trade Forex or Binary!  Remember, that when you trade Forex you are trading on an MT4 Platform on the open market. With Binary you are trading “against” the Broker.  Basically, trading is in-house and you are trading against other traders but inside the broker’s bubble. In my opinion, Forex Trading may be a little bit more complicated but fairer.

So here are the links to either go for Epix Binary or Epix Forex for MT4

  1. Enter your email address and correct phone number
  2. Fund your account with the broker that is best suited for your geographical location
  3. Take advantage of early bird scheme and download your free software.
  4. Start profiting with Epix Trading Software

Conclusion and Verdict for Epix Trader

This is the first time that we have come across a software that is dual purpose.  The principles of trading and best trading strategy are the same for binary and Forex.  However, this is the breakthrough in financial markets that we have been waiting for.  Epix Trader will prove to be the best financial tool for 2017


Epix Trader is Not a Scam – It is the 2017 Trading Tool for Succesful Results


Remember that trading binary options involve high risk.

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Epix Trader as a plugin to MT4 platform

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