Epix Trader Update – A Must Read – First Results!!!

Epix Trader Update Shows Profitable Potential

If you are looking for an Epix Trader update you are on the right page. It has taken us a while to post this update for the simple reason that we wanted to make sure that the Epix Trader update really reflected the potential that everyone is claiming.

This article will focus on the Epix Trader Update.  First of all, you will need to understand that Epix Trader is a unique software.  It has an algorithm that has been designed to work both on Binary Options as well as on Forex Platforms.  The Epix Trader Update, trading strategies, tips that can help you profit with this viral signals software and EA (Expert Advisor) can also be found on our YOUTUBE Channel.  If this is the firsts time that you are coming across Epix Trader then you may wish to read our Epix Trader Review.

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Registration Process for Epix Trading Software

As intimated earlier in the Epix Trader Update, we explained that this software is available for any type of trading.  It is available worldwide except in the U.S.  If you try to register with Epix Trading Binary and receive a message which says try with a different email address, then you should try registering with Epix Trading Forex.

Let us explain why you receive this message.  It is likely that there is no legitimate broker in your geographical area.  Therefore your location would not be supported by good brokers.  This happens especially with good software systems like Epix Trader.  It is a financially motivated strategy.  When a software gives excellent trading results, it is possible that some brokers would prefer not to have the software on their portals. However, in this Epix Trader Update, we are happy to inform our subscribers that this is not so for Forex Brokers.

What is the Difference between Epix Trader Binary and Epix Trader Forex?

  • Epix Trader Binary – is a semi-automated software system and signals software.  Therefore the trader needs to be present in front of the computer to receive the signals.  As soon as a signal appears, the trader can highlight it and get a good deduction of the probability win rate.  If the probability rate is higher than 80% – the trader will manually have to hit the trade button with the value of trade he wishes to take.
  • Epix Trader Forex – is an Expert Advisor.  Meaning that Epix Trader Forex is a plug-in that once it is installed on your MT4 trading platform acts as a fully-automated trading software. Therefore the trader can forget about his software once it is up and running.

Why is Epix Trader Binary Not Fully Automated?

In this Epix Trader Update, we need to explain why the software is not fully automated on binary options but is an automated trader on the Forex Platform.

CySec (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) have been putting more and more pressure on scam binary options brokers. One of the ways to control scam is to avoid brokers taking control over a client’s capital and trading it off for them.  Therefore, it follows that serious binary brokers are today not taking on any “hands off” robots that will act on behalf of a client.  This means that as a trader you remain with full control of your capital.

Why is Epix Trader Forex Fully Automated?

Contrary to binary options brokers, Forex Brokers, make money when a trader places multiple trades.  The more a trader places trades, ideally winning trades, the more commissions a Forex Broker makes. This is known as “the spread”. The first couple of pips of any trade goes to the broker.  It is therefore in the brokers’ interest that a trader makes more money and continue trading.

For this reason, we clearly show in this Epix Trader update, that most brokers will welcome an Expert Advisor like Epix Trader Forex. This is because the software is a winning trade software, and therefore the trader will allow it to run on his account for multiple trading.

Epix Trader Update – The Early Bird Scheme

If you are not already trading with Epix Trader and making great money, it may be time to try before you lose “The Early Bird Scheme”.  What is the early bird scheme?  The Epix Trader is only available for free for a couple of weeks until the software is floated on the open market as an International Public Offering (IPO).  The IPO is expected to happen sooner rather than later.  It is anticipated that the software will cost $393 for download after that.  Honestly, this is not even an expensive price when one considers the Epix Trader results.

You will also need to keep in mind through this Epix Trader Update that the software can be used on both binary options as well as in Forex.  It is very versatile in that it can be both an auto trader as well as a manual software.  If you are not sure what and how this works, please log into the software from your preferred trading style – Binary or Forex – and have a look at the signals.

Here are some visuals from both the Binary and Forex platforms in order to help you understand better how the software works in this Epix Trader Update.

Epix Trader Update – Tips and Tricks

Epix Trader Binary does not require any downloads.  It is a web-based software that requires only registration with the broker.  If you are not sure how to do this all you need to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Clear Your Cookies for a better browsing experience
  2. Get to the Epix Trader Binary Subscription [FOREX] or [BINARY OPTIONS]
  3. Fill in your email address
  4. You will be directed to a broker that is available in your area
  5. Fill in your correct details including name and telephone number.  These will have to be verified later – so make sure that you put in the correct credentials.
  6. You can now proceed to fund your account with the minimum amount of $250 – understand that this is your working capital and not the cost of the software.
  7. The software is automatically in your browser and you are ready to start receiving signals and profiting with Epix Trader. The success rate is estimated at 83%

Epix Trader Forex – is an EA plug-in which requires that you download the software and upload it to your MT4 platform.  Again all you will need to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Clear your Cookies for a better browsing Experience.
  2. Get to the Registration page for Epix Trader Forex from [FOREX] or [BINARY OPTIONS]
  3. Enter your details and you will be directed to a Forex Broker in your area.
  4. Fund your account with the Broker.
  5. The Broker will offer you the MT4 trading platform for free on which you can trade.  Furthermore, the Forex Broker will send you the Epix Trader EA to download.
  6. Download the MT4 platform and the Epix Trader.  Once this is done the Epix Trader will need to be uploaded to your MT4 – follow the simple instructions on the video below and you are ready.  Once you install the plug-in your Epix Trader Forex will kick-in and start trading.  The profit rate is estimated at 1600% of capital growth in less than a month of trading.

Epix Trader Update Conclusion

So far the Epix Trader software has gained us thousands of profit in dollars! The Epix Trader is based on scalping and we have seen trades from as short as one minute to end of day trading. The software is completely versatile and gives for various options.  You can choose your trading style and go with either binary options or forex.  You may also try the software on both types of trading platforms and find out the best strategy that works for you personally.


Epix Trader Update Withdrawals and Verification

One very important tip that should be noted for both binary options and forex is withdrawals!  Here are some very important steps to follow.  Before you are allowed to make any withdrawals of your profits with Epix Trader, you will need to verify your account.  This is again a CySec Regulation that applies to all Broker.  The reason is that the broker needs to make sure that the funds are going to the authorized person who is trading.  It is also to avoid any fraud and money laundering.

In order to verify your account, you will need to produce a copy of your identification such a passport or driving license.  Furthermore, you will need to provide proof of address.  A utility bill will usually do the job. Finally, you will need to scan a copy of the credit card that you used to make your deposit with.  This will mean that you cover all the digits except the last four!

The verification process is for your protection, therefore take it seriously.  Ensure to also read the terms and conditions associated with deposits and withdrawals.  The Brokers explain all this in great detail on their homepage.  Spend an extra minute and review it carefully.

If you are not yet registered with Epix Trader, click on one of the banners below.  Are you going for Epix Trader Binary or Epix Trader Forex?  Or both for that matter!  This software is offering an excellent path to making money trading online.  It will not make you an instant millionaire, however, it is a good tool to supplement your income then Epix Trader is a solution.  Remember to invest only money that you can afford to lose is everything goes wrong.  Invest smart.  There are profits out there to be made trading and Epix Trader is showing us the money.

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If you need step by step guide how to download and install The Epix Trader on Meta Trader 4 platform head to this post.



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