Genius Profit Review Scam Exposed

Genius Profit Review

Everyone wants to get rich overnight, but we all know that this is a dream that can never be realized. Getting rich requires hours of effort and hard work; however, there are some people who are conning unsuspecting people to believe that they have somehow cracked the secrets of global trading. As a result, people are under the impression that they can get rich overnight. This is the Genius Profit Review, which is perhaps the most bizarre scam to surface in recent years.
I am sure that many of us who are not aware of the happenings of the stock market, so let us educate ourselves.


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What is the Genius Profit Review Scam?

The scam basically first involves showing potential victims a video of a highly qualified Professor, Benjamin Grant. The video projects that Grant has assembled a team of educated, competent accountants and other finance related individuals, who have supposedly mastered the art of binary trading. In addition to this, the video then claims that all of these individuals are ready to impart all the secrets of their trade, which have been complied in software, absolutely free of cost. This point right here should have been enough to alert victims that something fishy is going on.


Are the earnings real?

One major component of this scam is that they get people to invest in binary trade options, and then provide fake earnings on the website. Grant claims that anyone who becomes a part of the Genius Profit Review will have a return of at least $5,000 daily. This is just indicative of the fact that Grant, if he exists, is conning people into believing that they are actually earning such copious amounts of money in a single day.

Are the members real?

If you visit their website, then you will see that they have listed numerous members there. The question is whether those members are real. My bet is that they most probably are not real, and do not even exist.

Should you use the app?

The answer is a straight up NO! The app is a slightly modified version of an old scamming software. This shows that the gang behind the Genius Profit Review Scam has been operating under different names for quite some time now. Furthermore, the app claims that the software is regulated. This again is a blatant lie as the company does not even inform us of its place of location. Customers have no idea where Genius Profit Review is based, which means that they cannot even file a complaint or claim a refund. You want to know where we think it is based? Yeah, well, I think it is probably in Benjamin Grant’s basement.

Are the testimonies real?

I bet that at this point you are wondering if anything on that app is real. Of course, nothing is real and it is just a scam. Do not be fooled with the various testimonies and success stories provided there because there is a great chance that all of them are fake. None of the testimonies were written by actual clients. In addition to this, the Genius Profit Review app even has testimonies from billionaires. But we are telling you right that you should not fall prey to them – all of this is nothing more than a trap.
Hence, I should probably reiterate that if you genuinely want to make money via binary trading options then be aware of such scams. This is just one of the scams that we have exposed, there are numerous out there who are just waiting to have access to all your hard earned money. Instead of this, you should consult licensed and qualified professionals for help.

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