Starting with Binary Options

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about Binary Options, some people made some nice profits others have lost using scam autotraders. The thing is – it only seems easy but in fact it requires knowledge and strategy like any other type of trading. You can read tens of reviews and blog but you will never be 100% sure if you don’t try it yourself. Thankfully, since bianry options market is growing new features are available for everybody – this includes reliable brokers offering testing, free demo accounts with some funds to trade without obligation.

Operating World-wide [except U.S.A] – free demo & education

 iq-logo CySeC REGULATED 10$ 1$ See full review


U.S. traders – regulated broker FREE DEMO

CFTC REGULATED 100$ 10$ See full review

U.S residents should trade only with brokers that are regulated in the United States. Read more about trading in the U.S.A.



zarowkaOur tips for successfull trading:

  1. Always check the newest information about broker you want to trade with. Look for necessary regulation (CySec or CFTC).
  2. Read carefully withdrawal policy of the broker. Many traders claimed wrongly about brokers that didn’t want to wothdraw their profits while they simply failed to verify their account with real documentation (ID, residency proof, proof of address).
  3. Develop your trading strategy on demo account, use virtual money before using real money.
  4. Don’t trust magical money machines generating 1000$ profits daily. Such things don’t exist. Use only verified software that other professional users have tested themselves. Here you can find the list for 2016 binary options app.
  5. Don’t allow to be pushed by sales man to deposit more money. You need to remain assertive and simply say “no” if you don’t want to put more money into your account.
  6. It’s harder to withdraw profits after accepting welcome bonus (read policy before deciding for bonus).
  7. Trade with money you can afford to lose in case all goes bad.
  8. Learn, learn, learn – learn from professional traders, do live webinars, join social trading group. Don’t think you know enough, there’s always new strategy or new trick you can learn from someone else.
  9. Don’t be discouraged by lost trades. It’s normal that some trades you will lose, like everybody. We all make bad decisions sometimes but this doesn’t proove you’re not good enough to trade. Trading requires strong mentality. Don’t get too emotional.
  10. Don’t trade when you desperately need money! This is when most people make bad decisions and lose fast.


Watch some educational videos on how to trade binary options

We also encourage you to join You Tube channel of Binary Option Sheriff with over 1500 subscribers who is our inspiration in terms of detecting scam in binary options arena.


Still thinking which binary options broker is the best for you?

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