Inside Trader App Scam Review

The inside trader app is one of the iconic scams that have infiltrated the binary option market. It is feeding binary traders with lies that they can make a lucrative daily figure amounting to $18,000 per day. If keenly observe well, there is another contradicting figure that indicates inside trader makes $7,000. Before joining, the Inside trader claims to have an active user population of 8,000 people, but you would be shocked when you register with a fake email ID, only 1,231 members would be displayed. With all this contradicting statistics, it was worth to conduct a deep review so find out below why it should be called a scam.

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The Mythical Truth that Should Impose Doubt about Inside Trader

It is crystal clear that in the binary options industry, the genuine automated trading tools aler making medium and reasonable profits. Insider trader app has fabricared its figures, ans it is indicating to the world that it is making millions of dollars. This information alone is enough to raise doubt but for the sake of clarity and openness, let see further information that evidences this scam.

Doubtful Ownership with Fake Identities into Inside Trader

According to the infotmation that is provided on the inside trader app website, it indicates that the app was register as a company wchich means it should and with prefixes like inc…,ltd or something of the likes. Unfortunately, this one does not display that. The other lie id depicted by the claims that the app was made two years ago, something than when you Google should be indiacated by Google itself. Unfortunately, when you Google, only negative and positive reviews welcome you. In this scam filled industry of binary options,the negatives carry a lot of weight and even if there are positive reviews,the asuumptions would be the positive reviews were bought .

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Inside trader and fake indentites

In this world where everyone is struggling and fighting hard to make an invention, who would not be proud to form a multi-million dollar app like the inside trader app? According to the website, this app was founded by Alex Steel. The marketer is Sarah Morfee, and Craig Cornwall is the CEO. Since its launch up to date, these people have not formed Facebook pages, merged with other businesses, created links to share with other traders or done anything that a normal, successful business investor would have done. This is what has served a verification that inside trader app is a total scam. All its trades are unverified and they are using fake and bought Facebook and twitter feeds to cheat people that there are active members. They even indicate that app has won many awards, something that is an open lie because even the founders themselves have not been seen up to date.

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The Bottom Line

Owing to the above-rationalized information, it is a clear indication that this app is a scam. The scam review has touched all aspects to clear your doubt and open your mind regarding this app. Find an alternative if you want to trade.

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