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Exposing facts and truth about the Lexington Code ATM recently launched

Today I’m presenting new potential automated software for binary options that I have come across. After seeing many positive feedback on you tube I have tested it myself and I’m going to share all with you so please read till the end. The name of this autotrader is Lexington Code. Name comes from the surname of it’s creator, Michael Lexington, resident of London and a multimillionaire. His partner – main coder of the software is Barry Storyk who has a degree in aerospace engineering at MIT and a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Boston University.

Lexington Code was launched as a small company operated by few employees and two founders which is the opposite of most scam autotraders that like to leave an impression on a viewer. It was dedicated only for private brokers but after securing it’s patent it became available for public. So far I can give thumbs up to Lexington Code. In the review below you will read about advantages of the app and comparison with other autotraders. I will go through platform presentation as well.


>> Official website: Lexingtoncode.com <<<

First I encourage you to visit official website of Lexington Code and watch the presentation. As soon as you open the website you will meet Mr Lexington. He presents relevant documentation a Certificate of Authenticity related to the software he has created. This is to prove that it is legit software that is capable to take trades using secret algorithms. No one has ever done anything like this.

Lexington Code video presentation

Mr Lexington shows certificate it's legit autotrader

What do we know about this software before we actually register?

First thing that we learn from the official website is that there are available spots in limited amount (25). As we know what has happened with previous autotraders like Swarm intelligence as soon as they get full they suspend subscription and when eventually they decide to re-launch product again it’s not for free as it was at the begining but for a fee of few thousands of dollars. So far the Lexington Code is offered to us for free. We don’t know for how long though. Later it will cost $3500 one time payment.

At the top of the website huge banner claims that you can make up to $126,000 every single month. it’s worth to give it a try even if you get let’s say half of it. Me personally I set up a target of $2000 per month from various autotraders I’m trading with. And it’s 100% doable.This is my healthy treshold when I am to too stressful about trading and I don’t fear of the risk (because you always need to have that in mind that you can lose – it’s trading in the end). Anyway, if you know how to use the software you can make much more and that’s just the begining.

When you meet Mr Lexington surprisingly you don’t look at the Armani-dressed businessman that sits in his comfy XVII century chair telling you stories about how poor he was when he was young but then he discovered secret formula for wealth and money and simply became rich spoiling himself with expensive gadgets. You actually see a normal middle age guy leaving his office explaining features of the software.

Back end of Lexington software

The Lexington Code is created and based on unique algorithm that is called “binary options with a twist”. It does trade differently than other autotraders known on the market. Instead of taking one trade it places 5 different trades and if 3 of them are winning trades you win! Just like that. This multiplies your chances of winning. Lexington Code is based on an algorithm that scans the market and only extracts winning opportunities. Instead of offering one trade, you are offered a small portfolio of stock in exchange for better deal for you. With this software you will always obtain high-quality binary options trading signals. But you need to be aware also that it doesn’t mean that you will be getting only winning trades 24/7. You need to remember to check economic calendar every time you trade and avoid high volatility hours. This is when bots got mixed up and that’s the nature of it.

Platform overview

You can use Lexington code in two ways.

First – as an autotrader. Where you set up necessary parameters.
Second – as a signal provider. Where you can pick trades manually or copy them to your favourite broker platform (if you have one).

I am using this app both ways and below I am presenting the platform how it looks like and what it all means what you see when you log in.

Lexington Code as an autotrader

lexingdton code software platform how to use automode

This looks like a user friendly experience. Right in the middle you see big signal indicator in a form of a clock which is easy to understand (goes both directions: PUT and CALL). On the left you have your personal information, name of the assigned broker, your account number and actual account balance. Also you find counter of all won positions. On the right you have some settings to configure before you start autotrading, and these are: amount per trade (I always take $25 per trade), number of trades and asset type (stocks, currency pairs, indices or commodities): you can leave it on auto or choose exact asset. Then simply make autotrader RUN. It’s already working for you. Yes you can close browser when doing autotrading although it’s not recommended, it’s always better to pay full attention when you’re trading and if you notice anything worrying you just stop the software. Precaution is better than regretting.

If you are a novice, you could start trading with the Auto trading option and learn the nuances of the trade.

Lexington Code as signal software

lexington code logo

When you switch auto-mode button off you see completely different panel. In the middle you have floating chart showing market movements and below you see trading history and ready signals. Those signals are the ones you can use to copy and paste them to your favourite broker platform, for example if you are trading with 24option or Plus Option you can simply take those signals and do your normal manual trading. You have many options to take advantage of this platform and form you will use it is up to you.

lexington trading platform how to win

Why Lexington code is right for you?

There are many advantages of this software. The greatest is of course the win rate. I’ve tested it together with a bunch of other traders that are presenting their results online and it gives 85-90% and more ITM. Of course when avoiding high impact news (always check economic calendar for example netdania.com). Second important advantage is the innovation in design and navigation.

1. It’s dedicated for beginners and pros- you can use it 100% hands free just by doing fast customisation.

2. You can diversify your investment and this is by choosing assets by yourself. You decide what you want to trade or go with auto mode.

3. Quick one time set up, you will be able to use the software as fast as in 10 minutes from the registration.

Customer support

There is customer support for this software and their responding system after creating ticket is fast. If you have any issue you need to contact first your broker anyway as they are able to sync their platform with the atm. Support services can be accessed 24/7 through email (support@lexingtoncode.com) and chat message.

Is Lexington code a scam?

No. defenitely not. I have tested it together with other traders and we claim it’s legit.
Read what BO Sheriff says about this software.

[Lexington Code Review]


[Lexington Code Scam or Verified? #$500/day Review]

How to register with Lexington Code?

It’s easy to set up you account. All you need to have is internet browser and credit card details to be able to make a deposit.

  1. Go to this unique dedicated and official website lexingtoncode.com
  2. Enter your email address and create password and click on “Start Profiting Now”
  3. Complete the registation by providing your phone number (a real one) and full name
  4. After you are assigned with the best broker by your geo location make the minumim deposit of $250 and start trading.

You can start trading with automode directly or switch to signals and trade manually. You are all set up and ready to trade.

Pink Panther’s Conclusion about Lexington

Mr Lexington the co founder of Lexington code is calling for 25 most motivated people who want to become beta testers and get his software completely for free. Instead of hesitating go to action now and reserve your free spot. Be one of 25 privileged traders together with us.
If you have been scammed before this is your opportunity to make up your losses.

Please note that not all countries support Lexington Code app. Some of you may not be able to register. This may change in the near future.

Go there and reserve your free spot

If you want to learn more about Lexington software I encourage you watch Sheriff’s videos – the best in binary option arena.

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  1. hi, i clicked on the link and i registered my account with lexington code, i was assigned to tradextra, did the deposit i want to start trading asap.

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