missionMy short story about trading and why I chose binary options

Thousands of people lose their money trading. This is what happens belive it or not. Two times in my life I put my earnings on the broker account well known global companies, with the intention to have nice profit in a year and second one in 10 years. In both cases I lost everything.

There was everything that was supposed to be, good sales pitch, nice account manager that was supposed to take care of my account and advise me on local markets. Everything was just professional with proper documentation but anyway – it lost my money. I was disappointed and I didn’t know what to do, whose fault was that? I thought I’ve been scammed, but in fact – I wasn’t aware of those details in agreement that I could actually lose everything. On the broker account I lost everything in just ONE day, it was the moment when America started war with Syria, dollar went down so much and voila! my investment was gone! Forever. I almost couldn’t belive my doubbled profit was gone along with the capital I put. I felt bad about myslef thinking that maybe I just don’t know how to trade because apparently people keep doing it all the time and they do have success with this.We all probably know or heard of such person that makes [luxorious] living with trading. Can we do the same? Can we copy somebody’s techniques? That’s the question we all have in our minds.

Anyway, since that moment I gave up on trading and lost the illusion of making BIG money “fast”. Such things are hardly to find, I can’t say don’t exist because I know people who made very big money investing but it’s a small %. I no longer belive in making money fast and without putting a lot of attention into it. Also I was never properly educated in trading so I couldn’t expect of myslef taking right decision or even knowing where to look for right indicators.

Then I came across binary options. This time I really searched carefully about it because I didn’t want to do the same mistake third time in my life and I knew I wouldn’t invest big earrnings into it before knowing how it really works, if it’s somtehing I can manage myslef without beliveing fake employees of different broker and investment companies. This was the moment when I started learning about trading, I’ve discovered that platfroms for binary options are simple and I was able to trade myself without asking anyone to do it for me. Some brokers offer free demo account which I used to teach myslef. That was convincing enough for me to give it a try. O.k but I didn’t know how to take right directions, which broker should I choose nor which signal software should I belive in. So I needed to get more knowledge. I decided to run this website for people like me who want to start trading, want to make some profit (though not illusionary fortune  – don’t belive in such stories) and put here all the information I have combined with my experience and experience of other traders. I belive that in few years – (I made plan for 5 years) – I will recover my looses. But this time I want to do it smart and easy. I don’t expect fast and high returns and above all I want everything to be done in a proper and legal way.


If you want to follow Pink Panther blog please be aware from the very beginig that:

  • trading can make you lose money (you can win but you can also lose), don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose if all goes bad, not even the smartest Wall Street trader makes 100% of good decisions. It’s NORMAL that once you win and sometimes lose.
  • high pay out business (like binary) inclued high risk too – “no risk no fun”
  • you are responsable for your decisions, you choose what to trade and how much you want to invest
  • one trader success doesn’t guarantee another trader’s same profits
  • like in every other business you can meet good and bad people, one will try to help you beliving that if you make money they can make they money too while others will try to rip you off.

Now, what I’ve experienced is:

zarowkaThere are only two ways in which one can trade binary options with a degree of profit.

  1. You can find a good mentor and professional trader, and then you copy his trades.
  2. You find a very good signal software which will give you good leads to good trades.


For situation 1

You can decide for free Introduction to a Manual signals Group on Facebook which today counts over 5000 satisfied members. All you have to do is to drop us an email on support(at)binaryoptionspinkpanther.com

For Situation 2

You can decide to use a binary options signal software that has been tried and tested LIVE by real traders. For example now very popluar is Copy Buffett Software System. Proof of live trading can be watched on this Video by the BinaryOptionSheriff.com.

What to check before

I like to be staright and honest – I’m long enough in trading, binary options market to know it’s rules. If you are not aware enough it’s probable you can get caught by hands of different brokers, companies etc and soak off. There is no such thing as: “I will help make you money for free” – if you ever hear such thing – RUN AWAY!

This market of binary options is still quite new, now in it’s boom, there are many brokers (I read that over 350) and not everything is regulated. That’s why before depositing any money do your due dilligence, find as much information as possible and don’t trust just one review.  Everybody can be mistaken, so it’s good to verify information by yourslef. Sometimes it’s worth doing a simple phone call to the company that  you plan to trade with. Always check:

  • CySEC regulation [Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission]
  • MiFID regulation [The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004/39/EC]
  • Withdrawal policy of the broker

I belive that via this blog you can stay informed very well of all SCAM and dishonest behaviour. That’s why I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with news. I put a lot of time to manage the site, create valuable content and do a lot of researching on the web put it all together so you can focus on proper trading.

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