Lexington Code vs. Penny Millionaire App

Which software to choose: Penny Millionaire App or Lexington Code

In terms of trading binary options, you have two essential options that you can consider. Lexington Code is one of your possibilities, but you also have the potential of Penny Millionaire to consider.

Which one is going to prove to be ideal? Both certainly have their strengths. Both have passed the scam test time and time again, so we understand that either of these possibilities is worth your time and money. However, which one is ultimately going to prove to be your best bet?

In terms of comparing and contrasting trading binary options like Lexington Code or Penny Millionaire, there are a number of different things that you are going to want to keep in mind.


>>> Official registsration:pennymillionaire.com <<<

lexington code el codigo lexington

>>> Official registration: Lexingtoncode.co <<<

Lexington vs. Penny Millionaire: The Basics

Lexington comes to us from Michael Lexington, a multimillionaire and resident of London. The project was created in cooperation with Barry Storyk, who has been involved with the creation of the Lexington Code as the main coder. Initially created for private brokers, the product went through a significant amount of scrutiny, before it was released to the public.

The Penny Millionaire app is the next of our two trading binary options. Developed by David Forrester, the product comes from trading principles created and/or endorsed by the likes of Warren Buffett and Albert Einstein. Featuring a win rate of eighty-three percent, it gives users the ability to enjoy complete control over their account.

Lexington vs. Penny Millionaire: Platform Compare/Contrast

While both of these products are designed with an emphasis on user-friendliness, there are some notable differences between them that are worth keeping in mind. For example, Lexington Code offers dual platforms, which consists of the fully-automated platform and signals-software platform. You can essentially regulate your risk exposure, which is a compelling feature indeed. Being able to switch between manual and automatic is certainly worth noting, as well.


Below I’m presenting Lexington Code platform – automode option. You can see there my grown account balance, which I’m very enthusiastic for. Settings that I usually choose for automode (which btw i don’t use too often as I prefer manual trading) are: $25 per trade and no of trades 1. Why only one? Because i don’t want this bot to go crazy and choose randomly 3 trades the same minute… which can happen. This would be total gambling. Stay warned.

Lexington code

On the other hand, the Penny Millionaire app works as a semi-automatic platform. It gives you the ability to maintain full control of your capital, while also being able to trade with the frequency that makes the most sense for your preferred style. Being able to specify the value of the trades is also nice. I think the most important feature this platform has – unlike to many others – you can choose brokers by yourself. If I see some shady broker you are not obliged to place trades with them. Few good brokers to name them are for example Plus Option, Dynamic Option or Ubinary.

When you login to the platform first thing you will see is a tip from the creators of the software – based on the idea of compound interest – how to multiply profits and get more trading same amount of time as usual.

You will have to open at least 1 account with a broker to be able to start choosing signals.


Penny millionaire
Penny millionaire platform – this is how easy to place a trade with this software



The actual costs are about the same for a period of time you can get FREE registartion. However, Penny, which is not available to Canadian/U.S. traders, first involves subscribing to a lottery. Lexington is open subscription. Act fast before they decide to close it due to sufficient amount of users (such scenario has already happened with Swarm Intelligence Software).

Watch video presentation of Penny Millionaire and see how Lexington Code works in real time.

Remember to subscribe to Pink Panther’s You Tube channel for constatnt updates.



Which trading method is best? Both deliver profound results, so it ultimately all comes to the personal tastes of the individual. Decide whether you want to play a bit risky and choose auto trader or you want to learn how to be a successful trader and try manual trading with a help of algorithms that are analysing markets in the real time for you.

Why do you need good signal software anyway?

Because it saves your time on doing a profound analysis every single day of trading. You get ready sandwich consisted of high-quality signals which you have to choose by yourself. You decide yourself which assets you want to trade and you can be sure you will find a variety of them.

For full autotrader go to -> LexingtonCode.com

For signals and variety of brokers go to -> PennyMillionaire.co

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