Real Wiki Trader Review – scam or legit ?

Wiki Trader Review – Scam or finally something legit ?

We’re talking about new Binary Options trading platform developed by Kelly Wallace who has a record of making a profit of $100,000 per day. The software is still under beta testing but it already has proven positive results. It’s also true that any person without previous experience in trading will be able to use the software. It’s 100% web based, so no downloads are required.
In this review we analyse some of Wiki traders features so you are more familiar with this platform and understand how to use it.


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If it’s your first experience with autotarders, like Wiki Trader you need to know what we are talking about. So an auto trader is designed in this way so you don’t have to do any additional analyses nor calculations. With an automated trader like WikiTrader, all operations are executed automatically after setting some parameters like signal strength. This means that Wiki Trader is fully automated for your convenience.

There has been changes in binary option regulations in Europe and more so in the United States, that make it impossible for many ATMS to offer the auotrading mode. WikiTrader still has this automated trading function. You need to act real fast in order to be able to use this unique feature. Whilst Now, what should you expect from Wiki trader software ?

The system has been tested by beta testers. They confirm that the atm is making an average of $1200 per day including loss trades (note that not all trades placed by the ATM finish in the money, but this is absolutely normal, you just need to give it time to see profits).

wiki trader platform

Wiki Trader trading platform overview

Features of Wiki Trader ATM

When independently reviewed the Wiki Trader tends to score with the 80-90% success rate per day which is an extremely good result. We have tested it ourselves and we can confirm these statistics.
Here is a list of advantages for using WikiTrader App

  • Fully automated (still offers autotrading mode )
  • Works from any browser, no need to download software and install it
  • Multiple signals daily
  • Responsive interface
  • Easy registration

What is the heart of the Wiki trader software ?

The secret here is the algorithm. It was created thanks to Kelly Wallace who as a business woman, decided to teach herself programming and put her experience from trading into her own software without sharing secret know how with too many . She has been using it herself for a period of time and now decided to do some marketing about it and share it with other people who want to start trading. She has established her first company 5 years ago in 2011.

The interface looks very clean and easy to navigate. This makes it simple for Newbies who will perform fine using the Wiki Trader. The software in general is able to predict the financial market with high accuracy. In the Binary options market, available investment options are the “call” or “put” and Wiki Trader software will indicate which options to choose and for what period of time (from 30 seconds to minutes or hours).

How to profit with Wiki Trader?

Remember that you are dealing with automated bot that is analysing market movements almost all the time – when the market is active of course (Therefore you can expect to earn considerable profits each day. Some live trading results are proving to make around 1000$ while others claim to be making even up to $7000 per day! It depends on the broker you will be assigned to, signal strengh you gonna choose and your initial deposit of course. Cost of joining Wiki Trader is free but the number of spots is limited (they say to a 100 but this can vary depending the count).

Who else is recommending the WikiTrader Software System?

Before we make any confirmations on whether a software is scam or legit, we always scan the Internet to see what other reputable bloggers are writing about the software. The binary options industry is literally littered with scam and therefore, we need to make extra sure that we are recommending a legit system.

Here is what the Binary Options Sheriff, who makes almost no qualifications for scam had to say:

“The WikiTrader System is Under Trial” We shall be funding our account immediately and will be reverting with full and final results from our testing. So far the WikiTrader system appears to be legitimate.

How to start gaining with Wiki Trader?

The process of registration shouldn’t take longer than few minutes. Just be ready with your credit card to do minimum deposit and have available funds to trade.
1. Open free account with WIKI Trader using this tracking link (you need to provide valid email address and password)
2. Run the software – in order to start trading you need to place deposit with assigned broker, remember you are trading on broker’s platform. Initial deposit is normally $250, later you can increase/decrease your balance. Set signal strength and run auto mode.
3. Start earning – don’t close tab or browser where you have your Wiki trader running on auto mode. Also when you plan to sleep or leave your computer it’s better to switch automode off.

Because of the fact that you are depositing money on the broker account you will have to verify it with proper documentation – you will be asked for it and this is standard procedure that must be done. This includes sending copy of your ID and proof of address like utility bill. The process takes fast to complete.

wiki traders testimonials

Pink Panther’s conclusion on Wiki Trader Software

We can confirm that Wiki Trader is legit atm that can help you trading binary options. This is trusted system, used by many so far and gives satisfactory results. If you manage to get one of available spots you may be lucky and make some extra cash for upcoming Christmas gifts. To use the Wiki Trader software you don’t have to have years of experience in trading. It works on autopilot.

Conclusion – WikiTrader System is Safe for your Capital

If you wish to learn trading and trade risk free, you can open a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT and practice safe trading.

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