Safe Income Review-A Money Trap?!

The Safe Income App by Albert Henderson is a new binary options auto trading software that has been launched only a few days ago. Officially that is! The Safe Income Inc software has been around for a couple of months, and we have been keeping a close watch on it. The launch was made public only recently in order for Safe Income System to become more exposed to the financial markets.

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We have taken the decision to try this software ourselves and see how well it lives up to its claims and expectations. Read this full and revealing scam review in order to find out more information about this money- making system.

Safe Income APP review – presented to us by Albert J Henderdson of the SafeIncome.Co site.

The software system under investigation being has left us pleasantly surprised with its unique features. It presents a new trading experience that is ideal both for beginners in binary options trading as well as seasoned traders. The software platform is easy to navigate, and a joy to work with. It is web-based and therefore no download is required when you actually, subscribe from the site of the software itself. If you would like to dive into the world of Safe Income Inc you may click on the banner below.

What is Safe Income Inc App – why the scam review?

In the past ten years, Safe Income Inc has been instrumental in giving advice and guiding every day traders and newbies into trading profitably and gaining money by trading on a daily basis. The decision to launch the binary options software to the public in general was made last year, when the Company has audited their results, and was sure that their subscribers would make money and profit using their software. Naturally speaking, they devised a co-share plan, where any profits made by their subscribers using their software, would also leave the developers a benefit from it.

From this concept, the idea of the WIN-WIN strategy was born. For every $100 made by a trader using the Safe Income Software, the developers participate by enjoying 5% of the profits. This is a very fair and legitimate way, of ensuring that the software performs well, and that the trader will make money when trading, and not loose it.

If the trader wins, the owners of the Safe Income Inc. win. If the trader looses, the developers for the App also make no money. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the developers to enhance profitable trading for its users.

Review Details on the Safe Income Inc.

You are not promised to become an overnight millionaire with the Safe Income App. You are guaranteed to make enough money trading, to cover your supplemented requirements on a daily basis. The software can produce around $700 per day, when trading in optimum conditions. Trades have a win rate of around 80% and this guarantees a positive growth on your capital.

So is Safe Income App a scam? Can you make money with Safe Income Inc? The review continues.

Yes, you can make money using the Safe Income Software. It is designed to be used by both new traders as well as by seasoned professionals. The technical system of the platform has the following simple set-ups

  • You may choose to trade on 100% auto trader – ideal for new traders who do not have experience with trading.
  • You may choose to trade on 50% auto/manual trading. You can select the time when you wish the auto-trader to take trades, and use the rest of the time to trade manually
  • You can choose to use the software system presented in this Safe Income Review as a signal software, and trade manually on the signals generated by the software. This gives you the possibility as an experienced trader, to check on the charts and confirm that the signal is going to give you a winning trade.

The Software presented by the site is therefore a software which is ideal for everyone. Needless to say, it is always an asset to acquire some knowledge on trading before you take a trading tool in your daily routine.


Panther’s Experience trading with Safe Income Inc is reviewed.

Safe Income Apps works remotely or automatically with a number of trading tools which a seasoned or professional trader uses every day. These are technical and fundamental analysis. Furthermore, the system uses arbitrage trading strategies, which are very common for forex trading, but quite unusual for binary trading.

In layman’s terms, these arbitrage trading strategies means that the system buys assets at a pre determined price in the future, but if the price becomes stronger at any time in the present, then it concludes the order, therefore making it a very safe option for traders.

Since the past week, we have been using this software successfully. A combination of manual and auto-trading, has been our strategy and so far we have managed to see a 78% overall success rate on the account.

Why does Safe Income Inc not give 100% Positive Results. Our Scam Review gives further details:

There is no such thing in life that is 100% other than life and death. Any asset, or software that promises a 100% success rate is surely scam. With the Safe Income Inc software, you know that you get the real deal. The software operates, pretty much like a human being, and the best traders in the world never manage to achieve a better success rate than 80%. Safe Income App is as good as it gets in trading success rate.

We did mention earlier, that the developer of Safe Income Inc does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight. However, making $500-$700 daily revenue is certainly nice and not to be discounted. Our trading success has been moderate from $300 – $700 per day. But hey, we are conservative. We only take minimum risk, and use the lowest trading value of $25. But that is more than enough. If you want bigger, you have to risk bigger. We just don’t like that.

Making money with trading binary options is still one of the best and most legitimate ways to making money online. However, it does come with a risk value, and this should always be borne in mind when taking up trading. You can make money, but you can loose money as well. The markets are volatile, we live in a crazy world, and anything can go wrong. But a lot can go right, and when using a trading tool like the Safe Income Inc App, it is a better trading industry because it is safer.

What else do we like about Safe Income Inc? This Scam review concludes.

There are no hired actors, no paid testimonials, no crappy fake timers, and it is a hassle free experience to subscribe to this software. The Safe Income Inc. App is designed to make you earn money, and in the process earn some hard earned cash for the developers of the software itself. They are honest, and outright about it. They do not give you a dream to buy – but they aware you the real deal with trading. Everyone trading is in it for the profit. This is common with plenty other scam sites we reveal on this blog such as the Triana Soft Scam Software and Limitless Profits Scam

Finally and before we conclude, we trust in what other safe sites are saying about the Safe Income Inc. scam review

Binary Options Sheriff concludes:

Conclusion and Verdict: The Safe Income Inc App is NOT SCAM !!

We note that the usual red flags for scam are missing in this presentation for the Safe Income Inc Auto trader. We feel confident from the results of real traders, that it is not scam, and will therefore be testing the software ourselves in the coming days, so stay tuned for an update.

Safe Income Testimonials

Pink Panther’s Conclusion and Verdict for our scam review on the Safe Income Inc.

We strongly believe after revealing evidence in our review, that the Safe Income Inc App is NOT SCAM!! You may sign up with this software by following this simple procedure:

  • Clear your cookies for a safer browser and efficient experience
  • Subscribe to this software from HERE
  • Enter your valid email details – this is where you will receive the link that will take you to the Members area
  • Fund your account with the minimum required for trading $250
  • Select your strategy for trading in auto-trader, manual or semi manual mode.

We recommend that you also do some great reading on which guides you to trading safely and learn from the school of pipsology. It is great fun, and vital to trading.

Thank you for taking time to read our review on Safe Income Inc. If you are new to trading, we guarantee that we can teach you trading without ever loosing a single cent. Contact us for more information. We will devise a trading scheme that is guaranteed a no loss situation.

Please leave your comments and trading experience. Your comments are not only appreciated by us, but also by the thousands of day traders who visit this site for information.

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