SCAM Warnings

The Title Scam Warnings speaks for itself. In an Industry which is rife with scammers trying to get innocent traders to sign-up with them and not delivering their fantastic claims, it is never enough warning, to say that every trader must do their due diligence and check out whether an instrument such as Auto Trader, Signal Software or even Brokers is safe to use.

At we are scanning the industry daily to report which of these scams to avoid and why they should be avoided. We know that choosing a right autotrader is one of the trickiest tasks.

Here’s actual list of scam software that will make you lose your money fast.



Amissio Formula

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Millionaires Blueprint

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Gold Trade Microsystem

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Qbits Mega Profit

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1k Daily Profit

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Epic Winner

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Want to trade binary options safely?

Check list of verified and safe autotraders here. You need to be aware while using any autotrader. There are some basic rules you need to follow in order to make profits while using such apps. We constantly check different software, especially new releases before any review is published. Unfortunately there’s a lot of scam apps, people want to take advatage of some naive thinking ones making them belive that’s it’s possible and easily accesible for everybody to make millions without doing nothing! That’s a lie! Binary Option trading only seems so easy but in fact it’s trading like any other forex trading. You need to have basic knowledge in order to be successful. We encourage you to stay up to date with news and join Pink Panther newsletter and keep learning.

Starting with binary options?

If you don’t have any trading experience start here with DEMO ACCOUNT. Use virtual money before using real money! Practice and develop your strategies. Read more about verified and regulated brokers.


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