The definition of a signal is an alert via email or SMS instructing a trader on what position to take when entering a new trade. The expiry time of the signal alert is also given, so the trader must take the trade at the recommended strike price, and within the expiry parameters. Once the time is up, the signal is expired as well.



So for example a Signal which alerts EUR/USD 1.1125 PUT 10.30GMT is alerting a trader to take a PUT trade on the currency pair EUR/USD at the strike rate of around 1.1125 and to take the expiry of 10.30 GMT. A trader must then synchronize his trading platform time with GMT time to avoid any incorrect expiry entries. Again optimal strike price would be 1.1125 or higher (if taking a PUT Trade).

Today Signal software is available which is web-based and is automatically downloaded to your Binary Options Platform upon registration. This will completely by-pass email or SMS Alerts which may be cumbersome and are sometimes historical by the time a trader receives them.

There are two types of signals:

  1. Free Signals inside closed group – trading with professional traders and copying their trades
  2. Paid VIP service where you can get signals bys SMS few times a day plus private market review once in a while so you don’t have to do your own investigation.

Read below how it works and decide what option should be best for your type of trading.


Would you like to receive FREE BINARY OPTIONS SIGNALS?

The good news is that today one can find many services which offer a free trial membership. The free sign-up will allow you to put the software to test before becoming a paid member. This means that a trader’s only commitment is to register with the recommended broker and fund his account, via the referral link on the software provider’s site.

One must remember, that unlike Binary Options Auto Traders, the trader must still initiate the trade himself on his broker’s platform.

If you are also interested in receiving FREE manual Signals via a Facebook page and practice with Social Trading, we can offer you an introduction to Mike’s Manual Signal Group on Facebook, with a proven track record of 80% ITM (in the money) success rate. Drop us an email on support[at]



Alpha Rock is a platform for traders, sending signals, providing educational videos and chat with experts 24/7. If you plan to trade Binary Options seriously you should have access to important news and charts that will help you choosing best decision.


  • AlphaRock is the first website of its kind, formed by professional traders, brokers and analysts with a combined experience of over 50 years in market trading.
  • AlphaRock signal service is based on a manual (no auto algorithms) trading strategy developed by professional Binary Options and Forex traders. Unlike other signal services which are based on automated or trading, their signals are a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis with a special focus on the day to day changes and unexpected human influences effecting the financial market.
  • AlphaRock provides you with highly exclusive webinars which coincide with the trading opportunities the market holds in order to maximize your profits while trading.
  • The AlphaRock website reveals to you all the major trading events on the global economic calendar from which you will be able to generate new signals. This can be done with our new feature “The Economic events Traders’ Choice”.
  • AlphaRock provides its clients with cutting edge tools needed in the Forex and Binary Option trading world.

Once you become a member of Alpha Rock, you can expect to receive a first class education on binary options trading. Starting from beginner level, you are eased through, chart reading, technical and fundamental analysis to a higher level of experienced trading.

On this site they offer promotion for Alpha Rock service if you buy a bundle you can get additional discount of -5% or -10%.

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