Strategic Intelligence Review – prepare for market crash invest in gold

What is Strategic Intelligence ? The New Case For Gold book. How can it save money in your bank?

What goes up must come down.This is a fundamental law of the universe, and no matter what we’d like to do to reverse the flow of gravity, at the end of the day EVERYTHING that goes up eventually comes down – and it almost always comes down with a crash!

Well, most of the time we think of those crashes involving physical objects. But this exact same universal law – what goes up must come down – not only applies to physical gravity and physical inertia, but it also applies to the financial, political, and sociological worlds as well. The housing crash of the mid-2000s taught all of us this lesson, even if not all of us really paid attention to the lessons that were being laid out just as crystal-clear as could be.

And while the American economy has enjoyed a tremendous amount of prosperity in the 200+ years we’ve been around, at the end of day what goes up must come down. And we are due for our crash.

The modern economy is propped up by digital data as opposed to physical currency

People on Wall Street and in board rooms all over the United States (and the rest of the world, for that matter) have been quaking in their boots for more than 15 years, well aware of all of the dangerous trends that had been sent in the financial world and the inevitable comeuppance that we would all have to pay because of some decisions made by less than ethical shady empire builders with no real concern about the future.

In around 2003 through 2008, the real estate market collapsed under its own weight and was really only propped up by some hodgepodge duct tape pulled together by the federal government that most people saw as nothing more than a Band-Aid on a gunshot.

And even though the housing market climbs higher and higher on a daily basis, giving those that want to point to fair weather and fine sailing on the horizon the opportunity to do exactly that, the truth of the matter is we have never recovered from an economic collapse slower than we are right now – and a lot of that is because we have hit the first trigger point that’s going to send us down a dangerous game of chutes and ladders to our financial ruin.


Sounds like doomsday advice from a “crazy prepper”?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

A little more than 50 years ago, the United States and its currency – the most trusted currency on the planet (which is why more than 150+ countries around the world continue to trade in US dollars today) – was backed up by the most secure bedrock of good old-fashioned gold, providing the kind of backbone that currencies around the world couldn’t even come close to.

Today, however, there is some speculation that most – if not ALL – of that gold is gone, and gone for good. The last public audit of the US federal gold reserve in Fort Knox was more than 40 years ago, and even though members of Congress have been railing against the federal government to “open up the books” and let the American people know how safe and secure they are US dollar really is, the government continues to refuse those requests and instead sequester itself deeper and deeper in layers of secrecy.

If you have nothing to hide, why continue to dodge these requests that have been fulfilled rather effortlessly in the past?

Today most people have very little faith in the US dollar underneath the veneer of good old-fashioned “greenbacks”, and it’s easy to see why. The overwhelming majority of our money is no longer in physical form but instead just a bunch of ones and zeros in the digital universe, and it really wouldn’t take all that much to completely wipe out and cannibalize all that we have worked so hard to create.

Honestly, because we are so digital now, it would take NOTHING more than a simple – and a single – virus uploaded to the right computer at the right time, and the entirety of the US financial world would come screeching to a halt.

What goes up must come down – learn about Strategic Intelligence

Trigger points are occurring all over the world – NOW is the time you MUST act.

A lot of people are pointing to the collapse of the American real estate market as the beginning of the, but honestly there have been trigger point is occurring throughout the world that point to a much larger and a collapse of the “digital financial world” as we know it today.

The Greek economy has folded like a cheap lawnchair and absolutely refuses to bounce back. The English people decided to completely reverse trend as a founding member of the European Union and instead separate themselves from the EU with the Brexit move.

The US has elected a very business first president against all odds, a president that has sworn to completely redo ALL trade deals from the bottom up – or tear them up and plow forward with something else completely.

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In 1971, the economy was so bad that there were rations foisted upon the American people for the first time since both world wars. In 1929, the market fell out completely from underneath some of the world’s most wealthy people – and to their shock it took more than 10 years to bounce back (and almost collapsed again, and would have if it weren’t for World War II).

This impending doom isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, but is instead a snowball attack on our very fabric of the financial institutions we trust so much – and it’s getting stronger and more powerful with each and every passing day.

With a physical backing to our currency we would have been able to avoid a lot of the damage that this snowball attack is going to deliver, but because we count on digital ones and zeros “secure” our currency we are about to get dropped to the mat as though we were punched by Mike Tyson.

But that doesn’t mean that you had to take it on the chin just because everyone else is.

There’s a reason they call it the “Gold Standard”

the new case for goldThe most important thing you can do – and you really have to move quickly, if you want to beat the financial elites that are able to manipulate markets to secure their future while tossing yours in the gutter – is to move as much of your liquid well as you are able to into gold.


Gold is one of those “future proof” currencies, and really always has been.

The ancient Egyptians pressured gold just as much as the ancient Romans, right up until today where gold is one of the world’s most precious resources and value metals – to the point where you’d have to be at least a bit crazy not to get your hands on at least some gold to really secure your financial future.

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Billionaires all over the world – from Bill Gates to Warren Buffett to George Soros and everyone in between – understand the power of gold, which is exactly why they continue to hoard as much as it as they are physically able to without triggering a run on gold that force them to pay more than they want to right now.

George Soros, for example over there regardless of what you may think of him personally) is a very – VERY smart and savvy financial investor. This is a man worth billions in stock and companies, yet he decided to liquidate a third of his holdings in the US stock market and instead dropped more than $260 million on gold – and he’s buying up more and more every single day.Stanley Druckenmiller, a name that most Americans probably don’t throw out around their dinner table that often, is worth $4.4 billion and runs one of the largest and most successful hedge funds in human history. He has never lost money in the stock market, averages returns of 30% each year – yes, you read that correctly – and yet has been screaming at anyone and everyone that will listen to get out of the stock market and buy up as much gold as they physically can. He himself has secured almost more than $325 million in gold, and also continues to buy more and more every day.

Strategic Intelligence Review – prepare for market crash invest in gold

Have you ever searched for the Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards? His latest volumes speak for his people and his for the United States of America. His attempt to wake up the people of United States again the financial transition in the world. Rickards strategic first give us a detailed information about what is coming next. He tells us that the United States currency is in danger and what will happen in the near future, if you failed to do, what he is asking or expecting from us. He did not stop there and then but also tell us about the forthcoming battle between us dollar vs gold. Jim Rickards tries to fully explain everything bit by bit. He wants to see his people educated about the near disaster. Because then they will be able to do something. And we can see that his love for the economy is too high.

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Can Rickards strategic – Strategic Intelligence be a new fraud?

In this us dollar vs gold, we are given a lot of information to absorb. We can clearly see that; he wants to draw more attention to the local United States market. But there are no words to explain things, which are returned in favour.

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Before going into details. First of all, Jim Rickards educates his/her reader about the past, the present, and the future. He also tells the user that what is in it for them. Strategic Intelligence is not the first book from Rickards strategic. He has written two New York’s best seller books before this. And they really speak about the credibility of this man.

He clearly targets the IMF, BRIC and other originations in his book. But those are not just propaganda claims. He established his claims with known facts, which add more authenticity to this book. And on Agora Financials website, you can read Jim Rickards strategic intelligence for free.


Can the Software Rickards Strategic be a fairy tale? A review of Agora Financials

He is a professional, highly educated person. And one cannot question his passion for the emerging economic lifestyle. In the book, his every theory has a solid support and background. Before this, he had made several claims, which later proved that this person knows what he is doing. And one cannot label it just a trick to sell his books. In this book, the facts which he is unfolding are very much true. His agenda on the forthcoming meeting of IMF and BRIC is only to protect his people and country.

The main reason you have to jump in on all the section right now is because things have the opportunity to shift on a dime and without any prior warning. The last thing that you want to do is be found “holding the bag” when the financial world collapses around a phony dollar, subjecting you to the kind of mayhem that those in the great stock market crash of 1929 could have only imagine.

Start getting your hands on as much gold as you’re able to now (especially before it goes over $10,000 per ounce) and you’ll be able to ride out this crash in relative comfort.

 us dollar gold crash

Jim Rickards is signalling in his strategic intelligence, that those Americans who do not have a minute idea, what is going on, will extinguish them. And all of us should be prepared to face, what is coming.

Rickards Strategic does not leave you high and dry, but it also tells you the ways by following which you can easily tackle the economic Armageddon. US dollar vs gold, he is saying to convert at least ten percent of your all investment into gold. And in this conversion, Jims Rickards have no financial gain, but the welfare of his countrymen and women is dear to him. He says in the strategic intelligence, that if we opt his method of converting our assists into gold that the economic collapse will not damage us.

The reasoning’s in his fifty-minute video are solid. He again and again emphases on the three steps, which will not only save you but America too. Jim Rickards will himself follow those steps, which he is telling us to follow. He has not deduced all of this in just one or two nights, but he is doing his homework since past thirty-five years. He will save his family with these methods. Rickards Strategic is not an unknown person. He is very much known to his fellow Americans. Since past thirty-five years, he has held important offices in the white house and he knows his way through. Strategic Intelligence predicts that it is our dollar vs gold and people will face many high-level economic shakes and the stock market will also crash.

Cutting to the chase, below are the three steps, by following which, you can bypass this nightmare.

  1. From your total wealth, you should convert 10 percent into gold.
  2. Make a list of those shares, which will in the future affect you very badly. Instead of tagging them along, sell them.
  3. According to Jim Rickards, you should Invest as much as you can in the IMF currency because now this will be the new currency of the world.

Does Rickard Strategic Intelligence have any importance?

In us dollar vs gold, the strategic intelligence is the books of facts only. According to our analyst, soon IMF will overcome the US hegemony in the voting because it is very much close to the US. The United States of America is the largest economic power of this world and biggest country in terms of economic. And the shook’s of the decision made in white house are felt everywhere in the world. It has fifteen percent voting power.

On the other hand, the IMF has now its base in at least one hundred and eighty countries of the world. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa) is the sub-group of this economic monster, who is trying to eat everything. In the session of 7th October 2016, BRICS under IMF’s support discussed the economic situation of the world. BRICS only has 14.9 percent of the voting share against the USA. And Jim Rickards says in his strategic intelligence that BRICS only need .1 percent to by-pass the USA and introduce his new world currency. In the upcoming session of BRICS, they are going to re-evaluate their economic progress.

According to Richard Strategic Intelligence, in this session, they will overcome the US’s hegemony. Now, their voting rights can be as much till eighteen percent, which is a lot. And when this happen, our dollar vs gold will lose its worth and now US’s will no longer make important decisions of the world but they will be now transferred to BRIC. The headline is, the United States’ dollar will lose its value.And when this happen, Jim Rickards say that all of your capital will just melt away, within the blink of your eyes. Then it will be of no use to cry over spilt milk.

We should take maximum advantage from Jim’s prediction and gain as much as we can. He is distributing his books and newsletters to everyone in the United States, which does not cost much. His books are routinely updated with new information and material.

You can also try strategic intelligence for a limited time. He also offers a free trail. The advice given by Jim Rickards in his books have a lot of value. And when you go see an economic consultant, he/she is going to charge you fortunes. But Rickards Strategic is giving those free of cost to you.

Pink Panther’s conclusion on Strategic Intelligence

In the battle of us dollar vs gold, you should choose your alley carefully. And when you subscribe to his books, you will get his valuable advice free of cost. And you should take advantage from these, and save yourself and your family too.

What goes up must come down – and the dollar is really taking a beating right now. Buy gold and avoid these broken financial dreams.

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