babaBinary Options Trading Requires very little experience. Trading on Brokers’ platforms is merely understanding how to navigate the platform, and take a PUT or CALL OPTION. This decision relates to whether the price will fall or rise within the time frame of the expiry.
How to decide put-callwhich direction to take, is the bigger question. Our goal is to provide you with effective strategies which can help you grow your capital with good returns. These are simple to understand techniques which will identify which direction the market is going to move into. Minimizing risk is very important to traders, and knowledge of a few principles will go a long way to help you achieve success.


Here are a few key-points which will be explained in detail later.

  1. Never place more than 5% of your capital on a single trade. Eg., if your deposit is for $500 – your trades must never be bigger than $25
  2. Check out the Economic Calendar prior to taking a trade to ensure that there is no important news announcement within the expiry date – as this may upset the price. If you are an expert trader, you may also use this calendar to seek out news announcements and trade them
  3. Check out our basic strategies to learn how to analyze market movements. It is fun to learn and it will make your trading much safer.
  4. If new to trading, focus on a single asset and understand its movements before scanning all the markets looking for trades. Gaining familiarity is the name of the game.
  5. Trade on a DEMO ACCOUNT before trading with live cash. The adrenalin rush of trading with real money, is huge and may influence your trading decisions. If you become familiar with your trading platform, and your chosen currency pairs, you can become master of your game.

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  1. Is necesary to have excelent knowledgs, an expert consultation and good strategies to get profits when operating with binary options

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