TRADORAX – U.S. Friendly Broker


Every since Spot Option decided not to take any new US Traders on their web based platform, good Brokers who offer services to US Brokers are hard to come by. Luckily Tradorax is still US Trader friendly a well trusted broker and one that Binary Option Sheriff is happy to review and endorse.


The classic High Low in Binary Option Trading is offered by Tradorax in conjunction with One Touch, Boundary and Short Term Options. One of our favourite features with Tradorax is that you are allowed to terminate your trade prior to the expiry of the term and time of trade in question. This allows you flexibility to take profits or minimize losses at your discretion.

Tradorax Offers a large selection of currency pairs. Both major currency pairs as well as minor pairs are quoted including the South African Rand, Turkish Lira and the Norwegian Kroner.


Tradorax is not CySec regulated and that is possibly the reason why they can still entertain accounts with US Traders. If you are trading within Europe – we recommend that you trade with Our Recommended Brokers – who are Cysec regulated. These include:




8 thoughts on “TRADORAX – U.S. Friendly Broker

  1. I wants to invest in binary options and came across your site, very interesting to me are your posts and I want to invest so you can invest

  2. I am more than thankful to the staff at Tradorax who helped me make my first steps towards profitable investing. I now engage with trading on a daily basis and have yet many more things to learn. With the help of their experts at my disposal and free access to training materials, I am sure I will get there soon. Now, after some time of using the platform, my tradorax review is very positive- I am happy that this is the broker I choose for myself.

  3. Trading is an art that you need to master, there are so many faculties to consider before you start trading professionally. I am still learning new information every day and won’t stop until I’ll be sure that my knowledge is enough to start trading for a living. I got my first bits of great info on the tradorax website that gave me confidence to start trading. I am very happy with them and hope to make my progress as a trader.

  4. I have to say that this brand Tradorax is not regulated. Because they are not regulated I can trade with them – because only unregulated platforms can accept American traders. I am using their platform and made a lot of deposits and withdrawals with no issues. It is very hard to find a platform that accept American and can be trusted with your money. I would definitely recommend Tradorax for Americans.

  5. I have been trading with them for over a year now. I am American, therefor I really don’t have a lot of platforms I can use. I made some profit in the last 6 months – took some money out and kept trading, Their withdrawal system is fast – that is the most important for me. Will keep trading and hopefully find more platforms that accept American traders.

  6. I will recommend this platform to American traders simply because that accept Americans and their withdrawal process is the same for us as well.

  7. They allow Americans in on their platform, I think that speaks for itself. They’re running a trading site and are not afraid to let us in to make sure we get to enjoy the same profits the rest of the world enjoys. As far as I go, that’s a 10/10.

  8. First, when I just joined them, I scored around 87% of my trades, both short and long term. I was so amazed by the stats that I just had to invest more, but once I did I wasn’t able to recreate those stats, and scored only 76% of them. Which is also impressive, but then I decided to take it slower and get the assistance offered me by their financial advisors. Since that moment I went for the more moderate approach towards this, and actually I’m pretty happy with them so far.

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