TrianaSoft Auto Trader is Scam!! Software reviewed

TrianaSoft App recently launched is a new Binary Options Auto Trader that could potentially earn you money. But is it Scam or it is Legitimate. In our impartial review on the Trianasoft Software we are going to evaluate all the points to discover and expose whether his new auto trader is what it claims to be.

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Scam Review for the TrianaSoft Program

TrianaSoft System is introduced to us by someone called Michael Wedmore. He is the alleged CEO for TrianSoft Software, however when we tried to find out more information about Michael Wedmore on social media and trusted sites as LinkedIn, we could not find any information to verify this identity. So for now we are going to assume that Michael Wedmore is just a name that is being used by the developers of this software, who prefer to remain unknown. Having said that, the whole story that the software is named after his young daughter, and that he wanted to bring her up in a quieter environment, does not go down too well. Sounds like an orchestrated story.

The Triana Soft App claims to have a 92% win rate. They also promise that your money will be safe for as long as you use the software. The point is that we have already received some complaints over failure of performance with the Triana Soft, so how can these claims be substantiated. 92% win rate is also very exaggerated. No software has such a high performance. The very best ones like COPY BUFFETT hit 80% on a good day, but on average performs at around 70%.


Some dirt digging exposes Fake Claims! Trianasoft Exposed

So far we have established that the identity of Michael Wedmore is not authentic. However, we now go to a more serious accusation. The Claims by the “Beta Traders” for the Triana Soft are also false. The users are not real users and claims that $65,720,041 were generated just this month from this App are therefore also untrue. The photos are stolen photos from Google.



Likewise, the Trianasoft program is piggy backing on a highly successful website called Riding on the high wave of means that the new auto trader will get substantial traffic from an already established name. However, they are two very distinct sites. is the site registered for the software and may well end up with a lawsuit over picking up this name from

Is the story on how TrianaSoft works credible?

Triana soft is claimed to be a software that analyzes the market in nano seconds and executes trades based on the information in gleans from this speedy data collection. In this process, we are told that the end user, that is the day trader, or binary options trader will never experience a loss. Now, this we know for a fact, that it is impossible. Even in the best of circumstances, and when data is collected, there are economic updates which are constantly changing the ball game and affecting the pricing, and as such a statement so bold, to say that there will never be a loss is almost pathetic! Again it is probably safe to assume, that this is a lot of sales pitch for the Triana soft software, however it does not hold enough truth to be able to verify it unless it is tried and tested.


If TrianaSoft is already so successful why is it looking for more Beta Testers?

This is an important question and one that needs to be considered carefully. The false counters and annoying pop up windows with absolutely try to make you stay on the page do nothing more than suggest that these people are desperate for new subscribers. Why would that be? Well in case it is not revealed in any other page, we will be honest with you here. Every product that is promoted by anyone, included ourselves on this page, can result in some revenue in the form or affiliate commission.

Therefore by subscribing to a software system, the developers get paid from the Brokers. If it is a good software, all well and good, the commission will not affect the subscriber. But if the app, is only used to funnel traders to a broker, than this is serious scam business. We have to advise, that we are not convinced that the intentions on the Triana Soft page are completely above board.

Claimed members profits – are they real ?

Conclusion for the Triana Soft Method and Pink Panther’s Verdict

Having evaluated all the information and also checked on other reviewers such as the, we have to declare that there is a good possibility that the Triana Soft Software may be scam. It can be a good funnel to trap innocent traders into it.

Details from review

Triana Soft Review

You have now heard the verdict twice over: Triana Soft is Scam

Thank you for taking time to read this review. If you landed on this page hoping to make money online trading binary options, we feel duty bound to advise you that it will not happen using the Triana Soft.

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