United Trading Network –Scam Free or Worthless?

United Trading Network review is here. Much has been hyped about this new social trading network for binary options and forex trading. But is United Trading Network scam free, or is it just another worthless software?

In this United Trading Software scam review, we will find out and investigate the UTN system.

At first glance, the United Trading Network is a completely revolutionary system, and looks like nothing of the scam software that has become classic in binary options trading. However, we have done an in depth and impartial review, to understand whether the United Trading Network, will in fact provide us with the best binary options trading strategies.

The United Trading system is the brain child and property of a group of university graduates who have majored in FX science. Together they have provided a social network for trading which is being known as the innovative “Forex Facebook”

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Official web: www.unitedtrading.com

United Trading Network Review – Is It A Scam?

We are pretty sure, that if you are not a first time trader, then you are on this page, because you have been struggling to make a profit. You are probably having a hard time even breaking even. Therefore, your search for a reliable software is a plausible one.

We can assure you that once you experience the United Trading Software, you will experience a game changer. Here is our impartial review with results for the United Trading Network.


If you are ever in doubt about a software, the first thing that you should do, is always to scan the Internet, and YouTube in order to see what real day traders are saying about a software system.

This is how we start conducting our investigation about the United Trading Network. We were surprised to come across only one or two reviews, that slammed this software. The most likely reason for damaging the reputation of a good system, is that the site owners would like to promote their own systems.

On the other hand, it was a pleasant surprise to come across a majority of reviews and You Tube channels with live traders using the United Trading Software, who were all recommending the system as being innovative, and also user-friendly. Moreover, the best confirmation, is the daily trading profits that are being generated with this system.

Here is a quote from the BinaryOptionSheriff.com a very well trusted blog site, with traders testing the profits live on their YouTube channel

“It is rare that we come across systems that we can safely recommend to our team of traders and subscribers. United Trading Network is an opportunity to meet like minded people who want to trade together profitably”

United Trading Network – Features and Trading Tips

#1 The United Trading Software uses Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment Analysis as the foundation of its algorithm.

We meet the team who have set up the network. Adam Fletcher is the group manager. He is a technical analysis expert. Together with Jaleel Bashir, who specialises in fundamental analysis, came up with the idea of a trading network.

Once they co-ordinated their skills with other professionals like Lydia Williamson – the chief programmer of this unit and Matt Kirby the expert banker in investment and commodities, there was no looking back.

The system incorporates the use of indicators, but invites specialised traders to “vote” on a trade and submit their signals. If a trader reaches the high level success rate of 90% win-rate, then the signals are triggered to all the traders on the platform.

#2 The Sentiment Analysis is the Key Differentiator in this software.

Here is where the United Trading Network excels and comes up with a different angle to any other signal software.

Even the most legit of systems, can never factor in the human element. This is where specifically most systems fail. Much has been said about “checking the economic calendar before trading”. This is where the UTN Software gets the “upper hand”.

Since the signals are triggered by real traders who are scanning the system, and who need to have gone through a vetting process of at least 90% success rate, the traders will only receive the best high quality signals.

#3 Traders Can Choose Between Short, Medium and Long Term Trading.

A trader can pick his preferred style of trading with the United Trading Network. Day traders usually prefer to get fast and multiple trades in their trading time frame. Investors prefer slower and surer, and longer term trading. This is all provided in the most innovative feature of the United Trading Network.

One or more of these signals can be selected to monitor the speed of trading. Moreover, since the platform allows “semi-automated trading” as a trader you are always in a position to control your trading to the extent of your trading style.

#4 United Trading System has Consistently been Hitting an 83% Win rate.

83% is indeed a high win rate. We have watched several YouTube Videos, with live traders, monitoring their trading history and achieving an easy 83% success rate. This proves that the United Trading Review App is a completely legitimate system.

Since the software is based on a number of different analysis, we have monitored during live trading, that the entry and exit points have been refined to give a high success rate.

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#5 A Great Support Team is a Guarantee That United Trading Network is Not Scam

If you are looking for an answer of whether the United Trading Software is scam or legit, then all you have to do, is to test their support team. We have been in contact with the technical support team of the software, and we have invariable received an answer within the first 24 hours of sending in a request.

The team behind the United Trading Network, are real people. They are not fictitious scammers, or devious fraudsters, who never reply to their emails, or do not wish to be found.

The United Trading Network is a team of dedicated professionals, who have put a social trading group, with sensational success.

#6 United Trading Software is Backed Up with Educations Tools, Multiple Brokers, Different Trading Rooms and a News Tab.

The software is equipped to offer the best trading experience for its subscribers. You can choose from a variety of regulated and legitimate brokers, but opening accounts with your choice of broker.

Upon visiting the platform you have an induction tutorial, that walks you through the platform, and explains in detail how the software works, and how you can participate in the voting system to become a social trading trigger.

Furthermore, you have news at the tip of your finger, and you do not need to open multiple browsers in order to trade. You can trade directly from the United Trading Platform.

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How To Join the United Trading Platform

Joining up with the social trading group comes with no price tag. You can join the system free of charge. However, you will need to choose your preferred broker with whom you will lodge your trading capital.

Here is How to Start Profiting by Joining the United Trading Network Social Group:

  1. You can visit their website by clicking on this link HERE
  2. You will then subscribe by entering your name and email address.
  3. You will be directed to the best broker that is accessible in your geographical area. Here is where we have to warn you that the system is available worldwide except the United States who have changed their policy on trading.
  4. If you are satisfied with your broker, you will deposit your minimum take of $250 and then you will be led to the Members Area of the software, where you can start trading.

And that is all. It is really as simple as that. Although the software itself is very complex, and takes into consideration all aspects of trading, it is actually very easy to trade with the UTN system.

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United Trading Network – Ultimate Review Conclusion

As we have explained earlier, we do not review a software and recommend it unless we have explored all possibilities of scam.

In this case, we are confident that this software is a good investment, and safe for your capital. It has already been used by real time traders with consistent success.

Confirmation and Verdict: United Trading Network is Not a Scam.

Thank you for taking time to read our review. It is rare that we are in a position to recommend a software system that works to deliver profits within days of trading. However, this software is ticking all the boxes of a successful trading strategy.

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