Virtual Income Software is Scam

Virtual Income is SCAM. It is a new binary options software that has recently been introduced to the trading industry by “Henry Howes” whose identity cannot be confirmed. We have decided to write this detailed review after having several complaints about the site under investigation which is It follows that this software is a fraud and that is why we intend to expose it. If you are a day trader do not register to this misleading Automated Virtual Income Profit Software.

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Quick revision of Virtual Income App

It is sad to find some fake reviews from other websites, whose only interest is to profit from registrations. Some sites, basically promote any software that is issued on the market. Our aim is to avoid innocent traders being caught up in a web of deceit. We do not recommend a software unless we have used it and manually traded with it ourselves.

Luckily the Virtual Income Software is not available in the United States. This is because no good broker would touch it. It also means that a large portion of the world trading population will be saved their deposit capital. Virtual income is nothing but a fraudulent money machine.

As explained earlier, the intention of this scam review is to expose Virtual Income. After receiving many complaints and feedback, we have been obliged to reveal the deception behind this software. Some day-traders have reported no less than $1000 loss. Once you start off with an initial deposit of $250, you are promoted by the Binary Option Broker that is synched in your area to up your deposit. You may register a few wins, until you are put in a false sense of security, but after that, you will see your capital vanish.

Who is hidden behind this ?

The actor used to impersonate Henry Howes, tells us that he makes $10,000 daily! This amounts to 3.5 Million dollars per year. Does that sound credible or deceptive? This is just another crook who is prompting you to deposit funds with this Virtual Income System, with back handed tactics. For example the claims that all the members profits were verified and audited by third parties are false claims and we will tell you why soon. All the banners on the site, are non clickable, and the annoying pop up browser will not let you rest until you give in your email address!! Trust us, once you subscribe with an email address, you will be inundated with calls from the Broker urging you to deposit money.

The reason why the statement that the profits are verified and audited is fraudulent, is because the site has only been operational since two weeks. It is therefore impossible for the site to have accumulated all these legitimate members and audited their results, in just two weeks, when they are boasting profits for the past months!! A quick check on Who.Is verifies this!

More scam proofs

Another scam tactic with the Virtual Income Incorporated is that they are encouraging new Beta testers to join the band wagon of lies and deceit, because they plan to go public. IPO’s we can assure the public, will never be considered by legitimate stock markets, with sites registered just a few days ago. Real performance, trade history, and independently audited results are necessary before any company can be floated publicly. But of course big words impress. It is all a lot of B.S!! None of it is true. The developers can easily be facing criminal charges over this, except that hey, we don’t even know who the real identity behind this scam site is.

If a day-trader follows through all the annoying sales page of Virtual Income App, you will realize that you cannot find any social profile about the alleged developer. You also have no email contact information. No support is available. If the founder or anyone who is responsible for this site wishes to remain so anonymous, why should you trust your money to a bogus identity? We have tried to verify Henry Howes, but there are no results which connect this name to anything with Binary Options trading results, other than the scam site itself Virtual Income System.

We have to warn you against the Virtual Income Auto Trader. And also advise you to avoid leaving your email address. We have an informed source of complaints who advise us that their inbox is spammed with email of the like “Congratulations you are now a member of the Virtual Income Community and you can start collecting your commissions today” This is typical non-sense, and its aim is only to engage you and get you to deposit with the broker. Beware of this strategy because it may be innocent looking, but in fact it is very dangerous.

Another valid reason why this Virtual Income Trading Software is nothing but scam, is that it guarantees 100% trading success. This notion should be dispelled forever. There is no such guarantees in trading. There are good days but there are bad days too. Even the best performing software systems such as the Copy Buffett System and Mike’s Auto Trader – have never promised these crazy results. Both of these systems have been tried and tested and the average performance is around 75% which is considered excellent for binary option trading. Being guaranteed a 100% success rate is tantamount to psychological warfare!

Fake results

Have you already registered ? – you need to know this!

Take heed from this review, and do not trust sites which are reviewing this Virtual Income positively. They are only collaborators and in it for the profits. So far we have not seen live trading with the software or evidence to disprove our opinion that this software is scam. The huge amount of pressure tactics being applied by is disturbing. Words like “it’s too good to be true” mean exactly the opposite – this is your only guarantee. If you have already fallen victim to this App, we encourage you to speak up as soon as possible. Contact us, email us, leave a comment. We promise you that there are ways in retrieving your losses from this fraud software. Do not let too much time elapse though. Act immediately.

Luckily there are other sites, which are also of the same opinion as ourselves and have seen through the thick story of deception.

The Binary Option Sheriff in its review concludes:
Conclusion and verdict about the Virtual Income app

Binary Option Sheriff is categorical in stating that the Virtual Income Software is Scam and that it should not be trusted.

Conclusion and Verdict about the Virtual Income App

Virtual Income is Scam. We do not need to amplify on our conclusion since we have provided enough evidence in this detailed scam review that should dissuade you from even giving up your email address to this shady software.

BinaryOptionsPinkPanther works in the interest of its subscribers and general day-traders. We will not encourage you to try a software unless we have previously tried this ourselves. Check out our scam reviews such as the Amissio Formula and the Triana Soft Software.

New to binary options ?

If you are new to Trading Binary Options, we recommend that you open an account with a Regulated Broker and try trading on a Demo Account. Contact us for an introduction to a Social Trading Group with 80% winning trade. All you will have to do is copy the trades.


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